Socially Responsible. Environmentally Friendly. Economical.
360° Food Waste Solution

On Client Sites for 5+ Years, BioGreen360's Second Generation BG1500 Food-Waste Digester has been Field-Tested and Commercially Hardened at the Source

The Results:

  • Total Days in Operation: 2,008 days and counting...
  • Combined Food Waste Diverted from Landfill: 2,350,000 lbs.
  • Total Methane Gas Eliminated: 84.14 Tons
  • Total CO2 Eliminated: 2,103 Tons
  • Clean Water Saved: 597,900 gallons*
  • Grey Water Effluent Removed from Waste Water Stream: 896,850 gallons*

*compared to liquid digesters

BioGreen360 is the only on-site food waste management solution that delivers triple bottom line results

Socially Responsible

  • Completely sustainable solution
  • 100% of your food waste eliminated from the waste stream
  • Enhances brand image and eliminates critical social costs relating to odor, rodent problems and unsightly garbage
  • End Product is sterile & 100% compostable

Environmentally Sound

  • 90% Food Waste Reduction: 1500+ pounds of food waste treated every 24 hours
  • Each unit diverts over 250 tons of food waste from landfill annually, eliminating methane gas production
  • No clean, heated water in, no grey water out to the waste water stream. Each unit saves 250,000+ gallons of clean water compared to alternative onsite digesters
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 200 metric tons, an average carbon footprint reduction of 85%


  • Significant Operating Cost Savings
  • Eliminates materials management and costs for haulage, tipping, toters, dumpster and compactor rental
  • Built with the end user in mind: Installation is simple and easy. Training takes minutes. Fully automatic digestion process means operations are efficient

Our Solution

  • Food Waste Management as a Service - No Capital Outlay, No Hassle

  • Monthly Subscription With Maintenance, Service Support, and Microbial Solution Included

  • Significantly reduces total cost of food waste management

  • Installation - Simple, Seamless, and Inexpensive

  • Operations - Fully-Automated and Efficient

  • Field Tested – Commercially Hardened

News & Media

Why BioGreen360 food waste solution
is so important

  • Testimonial

    Food Waste Crisis

    Food Waste Crisis

    Food loss and waste is a growing problem in our modern society. The amount of food Americans throw away each year is staggering. In 2014 alone, more than 38 million tons of food waste was generated, with only five percent diverted from landfills and incinerators. EPA estimates that more food reaches landfills and incinerators that any other single material in our everyday trash, constituting 21.6 percent of discarded municipal solid waste.

  • Testimonial

    Regulations For Diversion

    Regulations For Diversion

    Government initiatives at State and Local levels outlawing food waste from commercial sources in landfills is intensifying across the United States.  There are growing efforts both to prevent wasted food from occurring in the first place and to divert if from landfills and incinerators in all 10 EPA regions.

  • Testimonial

    Environmental Impact

    Environmental Impact

    • Food is the single largest source of landfill waste by weight
    • Rotting food creates methane gas 25X more potent GHG than C02
    • 300 million barrels of oil wasted on food that is tossed away
    • 21% of landfill volume is food waste
    • 21% of fresh waster is used to produce food that is then discarded
    • 40% of all food produced in the USA is wasted
    • 52.4 million tons sent to landfills
    • 16% methane emissions in landfills
  • Testimonial

    BioGreen360 Solution

    BioGreen360 Solution

    • Eliminates 100% of food waste from the waste stream
    • The only Triple-Bottom-Line food waste management solution
    • Patent-pending microwave drying technology
    • Proprietary microbial formulae optimized by food-generator source
    • No clean water in, no grey water out and no methane expelled

Food Waste Regulation and Governance

Government initiatives at State and Local levels outlawing food waste from commercial sources in landfills is intensifying.

  • Testimonial

    23 major US cities have enacted organics bans or food waste recycling mandates including Austin, NYC, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Portland and Cambridge

  • Testimonial

    37 US states currently reviewing organics landfill ban regulations

  • Testimonial

    Organic Waste Bans & Waste Recycling Laws: CA, CT, MA, RI, VT

35 sqft Footprint


220 volts
60.0 amps
60 cycle/Hz
3pm w/ground

Main Unit:

Height: 79.60″
Width: 56.14″
Depth: 54.72″

Crated Dimensions:

Width: 90″
Depth: 65″
Height: 68″

Required Clearances:

Top: 16″ for lid up
Sides: 30″ side panel opening
Back: 6″ air exhaust
Front: 30″ front panel opening


Net Weight: 2,143 lbs
Crated Weight: 2,543 lbs


BioGreen360 Data Sheet
Discover just how easy, convenient and effective the BioGreen360 food waste system can be for your organization’s waste redirection needs.

BioGreen360 Press Release
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Product Specifications
Learn more about the advanced features of the BioGreen360 food waste system in this downloadable PDF.

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