Garick and BioGreen360 Announce Collaboration to Address Food Waste and Create Sustainable Organic Products

Cleveland, OH and Portsmouth, NH – Garick and BioGreen360, announce they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for a strategic partnership aimed at repurposing food waste into various sustainable organic products.  The Companies will collaborate on targeting the highest value, commercial market opportunities for the residual by-product of the BioGreen360 food waste treatment system to commercially scale through Garick’s North American distribution network.

The BioGreen360 technology platform is a waterless, scalable, at-source food waste management system that digests wide volumes of food waste per day in an environmentally responsible manner.  Through a digestion process that includes customized proprietary biologics and  patented evaporation and microwave drying systems, the BioGreen360 technology reduces food waste by up to 90% with the outputs being steam  and a nutrient-rich fertilizer and soil amendment.

Garick, a leading manufacturer and processor of renewable and sustainable natural resource products in the United States and Canada for over 40 years, has developed a network and distribution system that supplies a complete range of product lines to big box retailers, co-ops and garden centers/nurseries/landscapers across the country.  In concert with other supply chain partners and enterprise clients, the Companies have agreed to explore opportunities to optimize the residual material produced through the BioGreen solution into a high value, commercially viable end-product for retail and commercial sale.

“We are excited to take this step forward with Garick toward a new future for the treatment of food waste”, said Justin Rosberg, President of BioGreen360.  “Our collaboration with Garick brings together an important segment in our supply chain for a fully closed-loop solution where post-consumer food that otherwise would have been wasted can be repurposed into a high value sustainable natural resource.”

Gary Trinetti, President and Founder of Garick commented, “Today’s announcement of our strategic partnership with BioGreen allows Garick to continue to be on the leading edge of solutions in organics management with the potential to introduce new high quality value added organics as soil amendments to and for the consumer and professional lawn and garden markets.

About Garick

Garick a North American distributor, processor and recycler of sustainable natural resource products, prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental practices. Using food, yard and forest products residuals, Garick diverts and beneficially reuses organic waste streams and creates organic mulches, soils, and other sustainable products, supplying customers with a complete range of products in bags, bales or bulk.

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About BioGreen

BioGreen360 is a leader in distributed digester technology and food waste solutions for institutional and consumer facing applications.  The Company’s solutions are environmentally responsible, economically sustainable and fully scalable.  BioGreen360 is the only solution in the market that completely eliminates food waste from the overall waste stream at its source.  Through proprietary microbial formulae coupled with patent-pending evaporation and microwave drying technologies, BioGreen reduces food waste volume and weight by over 90% through a fully-automated on-site, continual feed aerobic digesting system.  It is the only triple-bottom line solution in the food waste management space.

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