Project Description

Hotels and resorts are ideally suited for the BioGreen360 solution. Not only is the need to reduce the cost of having food waste hauled away by truck eliminated but so too is the amount of time employees spend transporting food waste throughout the facility to place in temporary holding bins to await collection.  Employees are free from concerns of managing food waste, to simply separating food waste at the source and feeding the BioGreen360 machine.

With the installation of the BioGreen360 at a hotel or resort, not only are dramatic cost-savings realized, but also significant improvement the property’s adherence to environmentally sound, green practices your staff can take great pride.

The BioGreen360 allows your hotel to comply with organic waste disposal regulation as well as meeting the hotel or resort’s own waste diversion standards. And finally, the BioGreen360 helps eliminate odors and pests that come with accumulated food waste on the premises.

The BioGreen solution is economical, seamless and easy to use; diverts food waste from landfills, saves you money and keeps you compliant with the changing waste legislation.

  • Significantly reduces the total cost of food waste management
  • Eliminates 100% of your food waste from the waste stream
  • The only 3BL Food Waste Management Solution
  • Installation – Simple, seamless and inexpensive
  • Operations – Fully Automated and Efficient
  • No Clean Water in, No Grey Water Out
  • Food waste management as a service – No Capital Costs, No Hassle
  • Monthly subscription with maintenance and 24/7 service support included