Project Description

The BioGreen360 is the ideal solution for large volumes of food waste including seafood, produce, meat, bakery and hot food service on site. With the BioGreen360 solution, grocers and supermarkets will find the ultimate in food waste disposal technology.

Our first-of-its-kind dry technology allows for food waste to be redirected from landfills or being hauled to a highly effective, efficient digestion method to reduce waste by 90%. Low on space requirements, the BioGreen360 is also simple, clean, and easy-to-use —requiring minimal training for employees.

From an on-site facilities perspective, the cleanliness of the BioGreen360 solution eliminates the odor, sanitation challenges, insect and rodent problems associated with storing food waste.

Find out just how effective the BioGreen360 is in cutting food waste costs by 50% while creating a dry, sterile, dry composted product making for easy disposal.
The BioGreen solution is economical, seamless and easy to use; diverts food waste from landfills, saves you money and keeps you compliant with the changing waste legislation.

  • Significantly reduces the total cost of food waste management
  • Eliminates 100% of your food waste from the waste stream
  • The only 3BL Food Waste Management Solution
  • Installation – Simple, seamless and inexpensive
  • Operations – Fully Automated and Efficient
  • No Clean Water in, No Grey Water Out
  • Food waste management as a service – No Capital Costs, No Hassle
  • Monthly subscription with maintenance and 24/7 service support included