Paul A. Grillo
President & CEO

Paul Grillo has more than 35 years of experience in accounting and finance for firms such as Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company, Digital Equipment Company (DEC), and his own P.A. Grillo Associates, where he has served as president and CEO for 25 years. He has provided extensive expertise to small and mid-sized businesses in all facets of financing, marketing and operational management.

Paul is an entrepreneur with a vision and the financial acumen to bring a significant product to market. Recognizing the growing need for a solution to food waste management worldwide, he acquired the core technology for BioGreen360 five years ago. Since then, he has been fully committed to realizing the opportunity that this technology offers. Paul led efforts to refine and complete the development of the science necessary to create proprietary formulations of the microorganisms used in the digesting process, which are maintained as trade secrets. He also led the development and commercialization of the unit’s technologies, including precision mechanical components and microwave-based drying technology. In addition, Paul guided the establishment of channel partnerships with the largest and most respected distributors in the waste management industry, relationships that will allow BioGreen360 to scale up rapidly. With Paul’s leadership, the self-contained BioGreen360 unit is a first-to-market, sustainable, technology-based solution for the management of food waste.

Paul continues in his role as president and CEO of BioGreen360 to ensure the successful penetration of markets, sustainable competitive advantage, outstanding return on investment, and the building of a world-class company.

Craig Divino
Vice President & CFO

Craig Divino is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of general management experience, management consulting, and chief executive responsibilities—including living and working abroad for more than a decade. Craig spent more than 25 years with Pittiglio, Rabin, Todd & McGrath (PTRM), a global general management consulting firm, where he was a member of the executive committee and held senior management positions including leadership of financial services, operations and supply chain management practices. Craig helped some of the world’s largest technology-based companies successfully scale their operations to meet rapidly growing global demand.

BioGreen360 has become the focus of Craig’s professional life. Recognizing the opportunities associated with bringing this disruptive technology to a market with ubiquitous demand—while making a substantial, positive impact on the environment—Craig has devoted himself full-time as an active partner in the company. As vice president and CFO, Craig takes particular care to manage investors’ contributions effectively, making sure that systems and controls are in place to support stable, profitable growth. Craig continues to play a vital role in building the company and growing the business.

Bill Hanley
Partner & Director of Sales

Bill Hanley brings to BioGreen360 more than two decades of expertise in both sales and the waste management industry. Several years ago he started a sales consultant company centered on providing an infrastructure for pricing and sales management for the waste industry.

Bill became aware of the BioGreen360 equipment several years ago, and was impressed by the company’s commitment to the environment and dedication to building a unit that addresses the global issue of food waste management. At BioGreen360, Bill is responsible for developing strategic partners. He hires, trains and manages the sales force, and sets up a leasing program for direct sales customers. He hopes to add to the company’s enthusiasm and is committed to helping bring this leading-edge technology to the marketplace.